Lamb Shank Marinated in Spices and steam cooked to perfection

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  • $11.50

    #8 Chicken Tandoori Kabob

    Tender chunks of chicken drumsticks marinated in special herbs, spices and barbecued over charcoal

  • Veggie Falafel Plate Veggie Falafel Plate

    #18 Falafel Plate

    Falafel pieces served with rice, salad and naan

  • $13.27

    #2 Waziri Kabob

    Combination of spicy chicken tikka and beef shami skewer served with salad and Afghani rice.

  • $3.99

    Falafel 5 Pieces

  • $11.50

    #9 Spicy Chicken Tikka Kabob Spicy chicken tikka

    Tender chunks of boneless thighs marinated in spicy tandoori masala and barbecued over charcoal

  • $13.27

    #5 Lamb Kabob

    Tender boneless Lamb chunks marinated in spices and barbecued over charcoal